Care is Essential

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A strong economy must have a strong care infrastructure that works for everyone.

From birth to end-of-life, we all share the need for care—for ourselves and our loved ones. The ongoing pandemic has shown us all that home care workers are essential to keeping our nation’s seniors and people with disabilities living safely and with dignity at home. In short, care work—predominantly done by Black, Latina, and Asian immigrant women—is the backbone of our economy and our families.

A care infrastructure that supports these essential workers will allow us to build back better.

Care infrastructure includes comprehensive supports and services for caregivers, who are providing both paid and unpaid care and support for those who need care for children and aging, ill, or disabled family members. Government investment in a comprehensive care infrastructure, including living wages, benefits, and a pathway to citizenship for those who need it, is an investment in a strong and equitable caring economy that benefits us all. 

Building the infrastructure families need now, as part of emergency COVID relief, and over the long run, is good for families, communities, and the national economy. That’s why we must make home care jobs good union jobs with wages of at least $15 an hour, benefits and training to provide the highest quality of care. 

Home care jobs are the future of work.

The careforce is the fastest growing workforce in the country. The  only  way  to  move  our  country  forward is to ensure that care is at the center of our economy.

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Make Care Count:
Reinventing the Caring Economy in 2021

Make Care Count Speakers

Join Representatives Jamaal Bowman, Nikema Williams, and Senator Elizabeth Warren on March 1 at 7:30pm EST for the Make Care Count: Reinventing the Caring Economy in 2021 (Virtual Event), where they will highlight the urgent need for a comprehensive care infrastructure that supports the caregivers—especially Black and Latinx women—who make all other work possible.

March 1, 2021
7:30 pm EST

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Domestic workers like me
are on the front lines of this crisis and we need protections. Many of us are putting out own health at risk working in private homes or facilities and we need support to keep ourselves and our families safe too. We are essential front line workers.

Lee Plaza, Domestic Worker | CA

The pandemic has shown us that care is the most valuable resource in our country.

Our leaders need to listen to #DomesticWorkers, because all work has value, and all working people deserve rights.

As home care workers,
we don’t get health insurance or sick days. On top of that, we’re responsible for paying for fingerprints, training and CPR which is pricey. When working for $9/hr that can leave you with little to nothing. That’s why we need to work with our elected officials to address our concerns in providing quality care for our clients along with higher pay for home care workers and health insurance.

Shaneika Cooper, Home Care Worker | Las Vegas, NV

Care worker demands are simple:
respect us, protect us, pay us.

We’re calling on our elected officials to make this commitment and ensure that care workers are a center point of the nation’s economic recovery.