with Alicia Garza & Ai-jen Poo


Ep. 8: Where We Go from Here with Ai-jen and Alicia

For our season finale, Alicia and Ai-jen take stock of this moment in the eye of the storm: We’re one week from the biggest election of our lives, and there’s a lot of work left to do. Alicia has a bold prediction about voter turnout, and Ai-jen explains why some voter groups get overlooked by polls and pundits. Then, the ladies get real about avoiding burnout, the importance of finding balance, and reconnecting with your purpose. They also share their expert perspectives on how we can keep our momentum going post-election by getting involved at the local level. We leave you with a major dose of inspiration: wisdom from inspiring folks like James Baldwin, Dorothy Day, and Alicia’s mom. Remember—November 3rd isn’t the end. It’s just the beginning.

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Ep 7: It’s a Very Auspicious Time with Cecile Richards

There’s so much change that needs to happen—and so little time in between all the other things we do. Our friend and activist hero Cecile Richards is here with an essential reminder: If you feel overwhelmed, “It’s not you. It’s the system.” She shares her own experiences under pressure (including being mansplained to by members of Congress) and how she faces work that seems impossible. She also gives an update on Supermajority, the women’s action group she co-founded with Alicia and Ai-jen, and its efforts to build community and get out the vote. Plus: The importance of setting policy agendas post-election, and how women’s organizations can become more inclusive of diverse gender identities.

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Ep.6: Breaking Through Bubbles with Marisa Franco

Marisa Franco helps Latinx/Chicanx people build political power through Mijente, the national action hub she founded in 2015. Drawing on her work in many diverse communities, she’s here to demystify organizing with simple steps anyone can take. (Hint: Start by pretending you’re throwing a party.) She also explains why everyone should be concerned about tech companies’ increasingly terrifying role in public life—and why regulation is needed to hold them accountable. Plus: The latest election intel from Arizona, finding inspiration in the desert, and joining the “secret club” of parents who’ve unlocked a new level of fearlessness.

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Ep.5: Fighting for Justice with Bryan Stevenson

Is justice really possible? How can we reckon with truth when people disagree about what’s true? We can’t think of a better person to answer these big questions than attorney, author, and Equal Justice Initiative founder Bryan Stevenson. He shares more of his background—as depicted in the recent film adaptation of his book, Just Mercy—and describes how he’s reframing the fight for civil rights as an ongoing story, not a closed chapter. Part of this work is The Legacy Museum and National Memorial in Montgomery, reflecting America’s history of slavery, lynching, and segregation. As Bryan says, we need more places that tell the truth, because that’s the only way to overcome the narratives that have defined inequality. Plus: How he’s staying energized during the pandemic, why you WILL be voting this November, and how his great-grandfather passed down a love of learning.

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Ep. 4: Represent Responsibly with Raquel Willis

Raquel Willis has found her lane as an advocate for Black trans people's lives. And it's not just about visibility or getting a seat at the table—it's about changing systems that do harm, regardless of who's in the White House. As Raquel explains, there's a whole menu of options beyond the electoral system, from direct action to workplace organizing, and it's time to get creative! Speaking of which, she updates us on her forthcoming book, a collection of personal essays about her experiences in activism. Plus: Breaking down misconceptions about the South, and the one thing Raquel wishes she could bring from Georgia to New York City.

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Ep. 3: Check In + Lane Check With Ai-jen And Alicia

As you’ve probably noticed, this is a time of overwhelming crisis. With so many urgent issues, where do we begin? How can one person hope to make an impact? Ai-jen and Alicia are here to get you started! They explain the importance of finding your lane, discovering the activist and organizer inside all of us, and shaking up the system. Plus: what it means to plant seeds of change over decades.

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Ep. 2: On Stage With Jenny Yang

Jenny Yang’s lane is making people laugh. A writer and comedian, Jenny explains why she left labor organizing to become a performer—and how she’s still doing the work by telling stories, organizing through shows, and turning despair into creativity. Ai-jen and Alicia also discuss the importance of changing narratives, from what we tell ourselves to what we tell each other. Plus: Jenny’s latest viral video, the power of Gen Z, and why it’s OK to get uncomfortable.

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Ep. 1: Leaving It All On The Field with Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe decided to expand her lane beyond the soccer field that made her famous — and a world champion. Now, inspired by activists like Colin Kaepernick and the Ferguson protesters, she’s using her platform to champion causes like equal pay for women, racial justice, and civic engagement. Megan opens up about difficult conversations with relatives whose political beliefs discount her own humanity, and explains how anyone—yes, anyone!—can participate in activism. Plus: Why it’s so important to celebrate the journey as we fight for big wins.

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