with Alicia Garza & Ai-jen Poo


Ep 4: Learning From Nature with Tara Houska

Attorney and Giniw Collective co-founder Tara Houska is on the front lines of activism—literally. A veteran of the Standing Rock resistance, she has spent the past three years with other water protectors in a Northern Minnesota resistance camp, working to stop the massive Line 3 pipeline project. She explains why her philosophy of land defense goes beyond protecting natural resources and tribal lands: Ultimately, it’s about pushing back against a toxic economy of extraction and preserving our own humanity. Plus: Understanding different concepts of time, adapting to life off the grid, and the joy of seeing people from all walks of life coming together in solidarity.

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Ep 3: Manifesting Shine with Tunde Oyeneyin

Peloton instructor Tunde Oyeneyin can motivate anyone,including the thousands of people who follow her workouts. She explains how she learned to grapple with self-doubt and listen to her inner voice in order to manifest her dreams, and why it’s so important to trust the process, wherever it may lead. As she tells it, her late mother Veronica was the one who taught her to use her voice and find her shine—lessons she put into practice by bringing the Black Lives Matter conversation into her Peloton classes. Plus: The value of hard conversations, the importance of using your platform (whether it’s Instagram or the dinner table), and how Tunde found the courage to make a drastic hair change.

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Ep 2: Faith, Power, and Unicorns with Errin Haines

Journalist Errin Haines (The 19th*, MSNBC) has been busy covering the 2020 election, frontline workers’ stories, the pandemic’s disproportionate impact on caregivers, and police violence—it was her reporting that made Breonna Taylor’s murder national news. She explains why she’s unlearned the idea that we have to figure everything out on our own, how seeing the impact of care on the entire economy has brought stark disparities to light, and why Kamala Harris is not a unicorn. Errin also shares what it was like growing up in the Black church in Atlanta—where “you breathe in Martin Luther King, Jr.”—and how faith drives her work. Plus: Rage-watching Peppa Pig as a form of self-care.

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Ep 1: Learning As We Go with Ai-jen and Alicia

The election is over, and there’s some light at the end of the pandemic tunnel (go get those shots if you can, fam). So, what now? What have we learned, and what do we still need to figure out? Ai-jen and Alicia reflect on the way we came together when everything fell apart, and how America has finally acknowledged that caregiving is essential infrastructure. As conversations and perspectives expand, we’re getting ready to make change that goes beyond the White House and reaches deep into our own communities. Plus: Why creativity always beats cynicism.

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