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Prepare to Vote in the Georgia Senate Runoff

This year women of color worked together, turning out in record numbers on Nov. 3rd. But the work isn’t over yet. Both of the Georgia Senate races were so close on Nov. 3rd that there’s going to be a runoff election on Jan. 5th. Women of color turned out in Georgia to make their voices heard, and we can do it again. 

The voter registration deadline for the Georgia Senate runoff has passed (Monday, Dec. 7.), but if you are registered and have requested your absentee ballot, here’s what to expect next:

I Requested My Absentee Ballot

Requesting an absentee ballot, or a mail-in ballot, is one of many options to make your vote count, especially during a pandemic. We recommended requesting your ballot by Dec. 8th to ensure you had enough time to receive and return it.

Ballots will be mailed to voters starting Nov. 18th, so keep an eye on the mailbox!

I have my mail-in ballot, now what?

Ballots are due back by 7pm on Election Day! 

First, fill out your mail-in ballot according to the directions.

To submit your ballot, you can drop your ballot in the mailbox, an official dropbox, or submit in-person at your local elections office. 

Dates to keep in mind: Deadline to return mail in ballot is Dec. 23. After that, folks should use a dropbox or submit in person (deadline Jan 5).

Once you’ve submitted your ballot, the next step is to make sure it’s received and accepted, so be sure to track your ballot!

I want to vote early in-person

Voting early in-person is a safe way to make your voice heard this year. Georgians can vote early from Dec.14 – Dec. 31 at an Early Voting Site. Find the one closest to you here.

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Why do elections matter?

Voting is one way to make a difference in our lives and communities.

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Make a Plan

Voting is our opportunity to determine the future for our families and communities. Make a plan to vote so your voice is heard.

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Make sure Your Vote Counts

If you voted by mail or dropped your ballot off at a polling location or in a ballot box, be sure to track your ballot.

Track Your Ballot

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